Web Design & Development

eResevehotel development team handcrafts websites with the latest website development tools.

Why choose ereservehotel for your website development project ?

a) eReservehotel uses the latest wordpress technology for developing websites which is the latest web development technology.

b) All websites are fully responsive. It will work fully on any device such as computers, projectors, tablets or mobile ensuring compatibility with any device.

c) All websites are fully dynamic. All our clients will have full access to change any thing in the website using a back end such as text pictures or videos. This gives our clients more control on the daily changes of special offers or news on their website which turns the website into a sales and marketing website not just information.

d) Integrating the website with more than 2 million applications such as weather, ecommerce, payment gateways, chatting, social media, ticketing systems, booking systems, customer service systems, videos and photo galleries. this gives our clients a competitive edge in customer service over their competition

e) The loading time for your website is 200 times faster than any other technology. This makes all our websites have better ranking in all search engines specially Google.

f) Secured hosting of your website with daily and hourly backups of all website data ensures website and data safety and security with the highest international standards.

Revenue Management
Revenue Maximization

With more than 25 years experience in revenue management, eReservehotel services include consultation on the best revenue opportunities, distribution channels, pricing & sales strategies that will maximize revenue. eReservehotel has developed a revenue management training for hotels that is proven to maximize hotel revenue.

Electronic Marketing

eReservehotel e marketing services include social media marketing, search engine marketing such as google marketing, third party marketing and booking engine marketing.

Cloud hosting

Hosting of websites and emails with the highest cloud computing standards to ensure data safety, security, speed and efficiency. eReservehotel hosting packages are tailored to corporate needs of any size at the right price.

B2B Travel portal for Travel Agents & Corporate

eReservehotel b2b travel portal has the best availability of travel products in the market from world wide suppliers. eReservehotel books electronically more than 900 IATA Airlines and 195 Low cost from all over the world. 500,000 hotels , car rental and site seeing programs from all destinations. The vast availability of travel products at the best prices ensures our clients the highest customer service at the best prices.